Ekoflame Firelogs are made combining wood residues and vegetable wax. There are no other additives!

Wood Residues are collected from furniture manufactures and other wood value adding industries and vegetable wax is a residue formed when processing vegetable oil. The two elements are mixed and extruded to form a Firelog. The Ekoflame Firelog burns in a similar way to a candle and will burn for between 2-3 hours depending on the conditions (External burning or inside a slow combustion heater). More oxygen will cause a faster burn.

The wax in the log has a high energy value and therefore it burns hotter than normal wood fuels. It is not recommended to burn more than one Firelog at a time in a slow combustion stove. Firelogs can be burned in combination with Ekolog Wood Briquettes and they compliment each other as a quick and efficient wood fuel solution.

Ekoflame Firelogs are great fire starters. No Kindling is required when using Firelogs. As they burn for a long time there is no need to monitor your fire where first setting. You will notice that the fire will produce heat in quick time which is almost comparable to gas heating.

Ekoflame Firelogs are CO2 Neutral as they only emit the same amount of CO2 as they sequestered as a raw material when being formed.