Ekologs Wood Briquettes are made using only wood residues. There are no other additives!

Wood Residues are collected from furniture manufactures and other wood value adding industries and compressed at high temperature into the logs you now see. The high temperature melts the lignin (natural glue) in the wood and it is this lignin that forms the binder for the Ekolog wood briquettes.

The material used in a wood briquette must have a low moisture content (less than 12%) to form a wood briquette. Following compression the moisture content (MC) is even lower (less than 10%). The lower MC means that the wood briquette burns more efficiently. Traditional firewood usually has a MC higher than 20-25%, so you can be buying in a lot of water as well as fuel.

Lower MC compressed wood briquettes means higher concentrated energy value per kilo.

Australian Fuel Cost per GJ


Ekologs vs. Firewood



Correct use of Ekologs

To get the most out of your fire and your fuel it is important to understand the solid fuel burning process.

When setting a fire with Ekologs you need to break up one or two logs into smaller disks. Our compression process creates fracture lines in the logs and these allow to logs to split into sections if required. You may require a small tomahawk or hatchet to break the logs.

Once set one or two firelighters should get you going.

Leave the air intakes fully open and the door to your fire just slightly ajar.

With Ekologs your fuel should be burning within 5-10 minutes. Close the door at this stage but leave the air flows open.

The fire is well and truly established in 15-20 mins.

Place full logs around the fire and close the door. Leave for approximately 5-10 minutes and then reduce the air flow but do not shut off completely. A fire when completely starved of air may last longer but it will struggle to provide significant heat.

Caution: Do not over load your fire with Ekologs. They expand by 20% as they burn and can therefore push open the door of a fire if packed in.

How to use Ekologs with an Ozpig

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