11KW Wood Pellet Heater – Model NP-P15

Our 11KW Wood Pellet Heater is the standard unit currently available from Ecofriendly Solutions.

Dimensions: Width 550mm, Height 1025mm and Depth 512mm

240V plug connection required

The unit is fully automated with desired room temperature and on/off timer.

This 11K Wood Pellet Heater has its own ignition so no fire-starter required.

The 11KW Wood Pellet Heater is rated to heat up to 120sqm (performance will depend on the quality of the residence’s insulation).

Wood Pellet consumption is 0.8 to 2 kg per hour depending on user settings.

The wood pellet heater will only run of 6-8mm wood pellets. Use of any other fuel will void any manufacturer’s warrantee.